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Kai the Online Recruitment Agency

Kai is the online recruitment agency, meaning we don’t need to pay for brick and mortar offices, a fleet of cars or even human recruitment consultants. With the money we save we can offer your business lower fees, we have more more money to spend on employer marketing and we can attract the best people by offering staff incentives. Our business model also allows us to invest more in customer service meaning we can provide you with a dedicated Account Manager that we reward for providing great customer service and nothing else.

Enabling us to operate predominately online and as an alternative to the traditional process, we use artificial intelligence as an extension of your own recruitment and HR processes. This means your brand values are communicated perfectly and your business is in full control of the candidate experience every time.

If your business wants to put its brand and the candidate experience first, then it should choose Kai as it’s next recruitment partner. We have the tools, technology and expertise to enable your business to succeed.


Using Kai has had a positive impact on both reducing the amount of time we would spend on recruiting but also the overall candidate experience. Not only do people get an instant decision and can choose their start date with us, but we get a list of enthusiastic new starters that are prepped and ready to be inducted, taking hours of preparation and CV screening out of our recruitment process. Karla Quinney

HR Manager, HelloFresh

When you choose Kai the Online Recruitment Agency, your vacancy can be advertised as a Jobs On Demand role. This means you can expect more applications because it’s both more accessible, and applicants are rewarded with instant feedback.

We build artificially intelligent HR Chatbot Assistants that can complete the tasks a human HR Assistant doesn’t have to, so HR Professionals can be freed up to add value elsewhere.

A Kai artificially intelligent HR Chatbot Assistant costs a fraction of the cost of a human being completing the same tasks, whilst at the same time improving the candidate experience.

Applicants do not need to leave the house, travel, queue like they do at a real job fair or wait to hear back from your business regarding first round decisions, because our artificially intelligent HR Assistants are able to provide instant feedback which means your business can start offering ‘Jobs On Demand’.

Your business can start offering Jobs On Demand and enjoy more applications whilst you save time and money.

As the recruiter at HelloFresh, I used to spend hours a week calling applicants with a very low contact rate. With Kai, applicants have the convenience to apply and interview on their terms and at a time that suits them best. We now have a higher success rate with high volume recruitment. Ruth Draper

HR Coordinator, HelloFresh

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