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DIY recruitment, why not host your very own pop-up Online Job Fair?

When you host your own pop-up Online Job Fair, your job is getting exposure through our partner network which is growing week on week with an average of 5% growth.


Advertise your role as a Job On Demand at the your own

pop-up Online Job  Fair

Artificially Intelligent HR Assistant

Custom built solution
  • x1 artificially Intelligent HR Assistant based on a template
  • Interactive QR code smartphone poster on the wall in Castle Quay
  • Digital QR code smartphone poster artwork for your own use
  • Dedicated code to embed your artificially Intelligent HR Assistant on your own website or social media channels
  • Customization of the bot
  • On-going analysis and incremental improvements
Using Kai has had a positive impact on both reducing the amount of time we would spend on recruiting but also the overall candidate experience. Not only do people get an instant decision and can choose their start date with us, but we get a list of enthusiastic new starters that are prepped and ready to be inducted, taking hours of preparation and CV screening out of our recruitment process. Karla Quinney

HR Manager, HelloFresh

Job fairs are a great way of attracting new applicants at a low cost, but there is still a cost. You have to take staff out of your business, there’s the exhibition stand to pay for and don’t forget the entrance fee. Kai has taken the cost and hassle out of the traditional job fair by putting it online and using artificially intelligent HR Chatbot Assistants to remotely and automatically meet and greet applicants.

  • Our Online Job Fair runs 24/7 and you can attend for as long as you need and can leave at any point

  • Our HR Chatbots will pre-qualify applicants for your roles and provide them with instant feedback therefore delivering a ‘Job On Demand’

  • Our HR Chatbots will extract the valuable information contained in a CV and capture it in a simple spreadsheet format

  • Our HR Chatbots will arrange interview time and dates if applicants pass the initial pre-qualification criteria

We build artificially intelligent HR Chatbot Assistants that can complete the tasks a human HR Assistant doesn’t have to, so HR Professionals can be freed up to add value elsewhere.

When you advertise a Jobs On Demand role at the Online Job Fair you can expect more applications because it’s both more accessible and applicants are rewarded with instant feedback.

A Kai artificially intelligent HR Chatbot Assistant costs a fraction of the cost of a human being completing the same tasks, whilst at the same time improving the candidate experience.

Applicants do not need to leave the house, travel, queue like they do at a real job fair or wait to hear back from your business regarding first round decisions, because our artificially intelligent HR Assistants are able to provide instant feedback which means your business can start offering ‘Jobs On Demand’.

Your business can start offering Jobs On Demand and enjoy more applications whilst you save time and money.

Why not re-negotiate the arrangement you have with your recruitment agency, with an artificially intelligent HR Chatbot Assistant from Kai, you are bringing some or all of the tasks back in-house.

As the recruiter at HelloFresh, I used to spend hours a week calling applicants with a very low contact rate. With Kai, applicants have the convenience to apply and interview on their terms and at a time that suits them best. We now have a higher success rate with high volume recruitment. Ruth Draper

HR Coordinator, HelloFresh

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