Influencer AI

We’ve taken the reach and power of influencers to attract and retain an audience and combined it with the power of AI to help businesses to recruit & sell smarter.

Influencers are the future of recruitment

Can you think of another industry with greater reach and ability to engage and retain an audience than influencers?

With Kai you can easily engage local and national influencers and set your own rules on how you would like to recruit new staff. You can set the fee, what stage you would like to pay it and what questions you would like to ask online before meeting second round qualified candidates.

Influencers will find your candidates and engage them on your behalf and Kai will facilitate an online interview with them using a pre-programmed chat bot to help qualify them, therefore saving your business significant time and expense.

Affiliate Marketing

There is no-one out there that knows your customers better than the influencers they follow. Influencers are in a daily dialogue with your customers and now with Kai, those influencers can work on your behalf to start a conversation about your products and services.